They say it's lonely at the top, and whatever you do
You always gotta watch mother fuckers around you
Nobody's invincible, no plan is foolproof
We all must meet our moment of truth

Actions have reactions, don't be quick to judge
You may not know the hardships people don't speak of
It's best to step back, and observe with couth
For we all must meet our moment of truth

Sometimes you gotta dig deep, when problems come near
Don't fear things get severe for everybody everywhere
Why do bad things happen, to good people?
Seems that life is just a constant war between good and evil
The situation that I'm facin, is mad amazin
To think such problems can arise from minor confrontations
Now I'm contemplating in my bedroom pacin
Dark clouds over my head, my heart's racin
Suicide? nah, I'm not a foolish guy
Don't even feel like drinking, or even gettin high
Cause all that's gonna do really, is accelerate
The anxieties that I wish I could alleviate

But wait, I've been through a whole lot of other shit, before
So I oughta be able, to withstand some more
But I'm sweatin though, my eyes are turnin red and yo
I'm ready to lose my mind but instead I use my mind
I put down the knife, and take the bullets out my nine

My only crime, was that I'm too damn kind
And now some scandalous mother fuckers wanna take what's mine
But they can't take the respect, that I've earned in my lifetime
And you know they'll never stop the furious force of my rhymes
So like they say, every dog has it's day
And like they say, God works in a mysterious way
So I pray, remembering the days of my youth
As I prepare to meet my moment of truth
"You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free!"

Cause you must meet your moment of truth
They say it's lonely at the top in whatever you do
You always gotta watch mother fuckers around you
No one is untouchable, no man is bulletproof
We all must meet our moment of truth

Recuerdo algo que me enseñaron
...menuda inconsciente...

"Somos lo que nuestra experiencia nos hace ser"

Que acabéis de pasar una buena semana y el finde sea aún mejor.
Me ausento unos días pero pronto estaré con vosotros/as de nuevo.

Besos y Abrazos

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